Terms of use

Limitation of liability

Platza allows you to interact with other Platza users nearby. While we do our best do detect abusive behavior, please supervise your children and pay attention to your interactions.

Website use guidelines

Platza is available as mobile app or web progressive application. Usual operations like login/signup are allowed and encouraged which means you allow Platza to store your email address or other similar identification tokens.

Definition of impermissible conduct/abuse and termination clause

Platza is a tool for socializing and a supplement to your normal day-to-day interactions. As such, anti-social behavior is strongly discouraged and will give way to penalities. For example, haressing other Platza users, abusing minors, posting interior or othewise private depictions without proprietors' consent, aggressive language and graphics might result in warnings and eventually to account suspension and deletion. According to situations, reporting to local police authorities may also ensue.

Privacy policy, if necessary

Platza's privacy policies follows industry standards and accomodates them to creating pleasant and agreeable places of life. They are details at the official Platza privacy policy document

Intellectual property clause

Platza was imagined, designed and developed by Editii Scriptorium srl.

Information on the use of cookies

Platza follows industry standard in the use of various web techniques, including cookies. Platza subsystems that use them will advert them in order to obtain your consent.

Disclaimer that terms of use are subject to change

While the essential idea of making Platza of tool to supplement and foster harmonious socializing will probably not change, the particulars of implementation may give rise to changes in these Terms of service which might adapt the use of Platza to particular geographies and legislations.