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0.8.5 is live!

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0.8.5 means :

  • Spring Boot 3.1
  • Spring Boot 3 security (configuration has changed, security is better and potentially finegrained, roles clearer)
  • potentially multi-providers (hardcoded, Platza db-based and in future Keycloak, Google, Facebook, Github etc.)
  • using regular JPQL rather than the cumbersome stored procedure to query nearest (because MySQL 8 apparently has integrated native support for spatial indexing)
    • also ‘indexify’ the central service which is ‘nearestK’. that means that, in order to get the nearest K posts (in a Platza), the service first runs a query which only gets the ids; those Ids are enriched in a second step with the actual data which means we prepare for clustering and scaling and we’re on the right track.
  • UI improvements on posting photos.

Overall, 0.8.5 is a great step for Platza. Although relatively few visual indices on the UI, the app is getting ready for social logins and scalability.

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