Meet people near you. Let people know you are there. Come again. Meet that girl.

Here Be Friends.

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Discover people around you. Be a part of your local community. Interact with your neighbours and find opportunities.

Here Be Friends is about proximity.

Here Be Friends allows you to interact with people and businesses around you. In the precise place where you happen to find yourself in.


Here Be Friends is a new way of doing social networking which places proximity at the center.

Every post on Here Be Friends is pinned to the precise geolocation of its creation. It can only be seen in that area and within a few hundred meters around. You can post and interact with other people's posts. As for your friends, you can message them directly.

Here Be Friends shows you posts around you that can have actual impact on your life.

Build social tissue

Existing social networks take your friend network and expose it to public judgement and scrutiny. They show you posts of people at the other end of the planet. Here Be Friends goes the other way around: it allows you to grow and reenforce your relations, be it business, personal or casual — or just saying hi to somebody around.

It's like having a small village, or a piazza. Within that small community, you can see everything people choose to post.

Free to Use

You can interact with a post in the usual ways, you can like or comment. You can post yourself. You can add friends and send them direct messages.

You take your liked posts with you, wherever you go.

Feel free to post any content within the limits of the law. In particular you may not post depictions of private interiors without the proprietors' consent. You may not post offsensive nudity or use this app in order to menace, haress individuals or any other type of harm. Do supervise your children.

Local businesses

For local businesses such as restaurants or cafés, Here Be Friends is a great way to make yourself known right where you are. You target those precise people that are nearby, locals or visitors. Touring companies, event organizers: with Here Be Friends, you can locally broadcast to all your event attendees. It's that simple.

Use this app to create links, do business and build social tissue. And, maybe, why not, find the courage to say hi to that girl :)

We new friends!